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    PeopleSoft Testing Framework?

    Can any provide me with a PTF example script of looping through a set of test data and validating data on a page? The data could be loaded from a PS query or file. It would include EMPLID, and data that I want to validate. I want to loop through many rows and don't want to repeat writing the same script.

    An example or any suggestion would be appreciated.


    Here is an example from Financials - Journal Entry. You will need to Parse this for it to display correctly. I put a pipe between each of the column values for Type, Action, Recognition and Value. Hope it helps.

    Type| Action| Recognition| Value
    Variable | Set_Value | &Ln| 1
    Loop| For| &Ln = 1 to &Lns |
    Variable| Set_Value| &JrnlLn| subtract(&Ln|1)
    Page| Go_To| Lines
    Span| Verify| id=JOURNAL_LINE$&JrnlLn| &Ln
    Variable| Set_Value| &Calc_BU| concat(&BUSINESS_UNIT_L|&Ln)
    Text| Set_Value| name=BUSINESS_UNIT$&JrnlLn| &Calc_BU
    Variable| Set_Value| &Calc_SPEEDTYPE| concat(&SPEEDTYPE_KEY_L|&Ln)
    Text| Set_Value| name=SPEEDTYPE_KEY$&JrnlLn| &Calc_SPEEDTYPE
    Variable| Set_Value| &Calc_ACCOUNT| concat(&ACCOUNT_L|&Ln)
    Text| Set_Value| name=ACCOUNT$&JrnlLn| &Calc_ACCOUNT
    Variable| Set_Value| &Calc_CHARTFIELD1| concat(&CHARTFIELD1_L|&Ln)
    Text| Set_Value| name=CHARTFIELD1$&JrnlLn| &Calc_CHARTFIELD1
    Variable| Set_Value| &Calc_DEPTID | concat(&DEPTID_L|&Ln)
    Text| Set_Value| name=DEPTID$&JrnlLn| &Calc_DEPTID
    Conditional| If_Then| &Uses_PROJ_ID_AFFILIATE_FOREIGN_CURR ="YES"|
    Variable| Set_Value| &Calc_PROJECT_ID| concat(&PROJECT_ID_L|&Ln)
    Text| Set_Value| name=PROJECT_ID$&JrnlL| &Calc_PROJECT_ID
    Variable| Set_Value| &Calc_AFFILIATE| concat(&AFFILIATE_L|&Ln)
    Text| Set_Value| name=AFFILIATE$&JrnlLn| &Calc_AFFILIATE
    Variable| Set_Value| &Calc_FOREIGN_CURRENCY| concat(&FOREIGN_CURRENCY_L|&Ln)
    Text| Set_Value| name=FOREIGN_CURRENCY$&JrnlLn| &Calc_FOREIGN_CURRENCY
    Conditional| End_If | |
    Variable| Set_Value| &Calc_FOREIGN_AMOUNT| concat(&FOREIGN_AMOUNT_L|&Ln)
    Text| Set_Value| name=FOREIGN_AMOUNT$&JrnlLn| &Calc_FOREIGN_AMOUNT
    Conditional| If_Then| &Use_open_ITEM ="YES"|
    Variable| Set_Value| &Calc_OPEN_ITEM_KEY | concat(&OPEN_ITEM_KEY_L|&Ln)
    Text| Set_Value| name=OPEN_ITEM_KEY$&JrnlLn| &Calc_OPEN_ITEM_KEY
    Conditional| End_If | |
    Conditional| If_Then| &Ln <> &Lns |
    Link| Click| name=JRNL_PANELS_WRK_PB_INSERT_LN|
    Conditional| End_If | |
    Loop| Next | |

    @Chris Stephenson I also want to mention that I can't take credit for this code. It was created for us by a consultant from Elire name Valentin Todorow.

    @Paul Chin-Lai Hi Paul, the DataLoader/PSQuery example in PeopleBooks PeopleTools 8.57 PTF has a good example. By getting the &rowcount as one of your parameters, you can use it to loop through your result set. Within the loop, you can put your code. This works as I have used it. I haven't done one by reading from a file.

    @Erlinda Arreola Thanks for the direction. That looks like what I need. DataLoader was introduced in PT 8.56 and I am currently on 8.55.. So, I'm pausing on this until I get an environment with later Tools.

    @Paul Chin-Lai It works in both 8.56 and 8.57. The only issue we had is when we tried creating a copy of the delivered permission list (PL) and then assigned the copied PL to me, we can't get it to work. Instead we just used the delivered PL.

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