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    Organizational Structure for Multiple Employees in the same position

    Hello All,

    I am looking for some input from organizations who have multiple employees in the same position and how that organizational hierarchy is identified. For example, here at TravelCenters of America, our field locations are 7x24x365. We do not use position management and are heavily reliant on job codes. At one location, we may have 3 Assistant General Managers assigned to the same job code and in the same or different departments, but they can all transact on the same population of employees. On the department record, we populate the Manager ID field. Since only one person can be identified on the department record, we limit the lowest field level on the table to our District Managers - our HQ location managers are above the District Manager level. For our field locations, we have customized the approval workflow to be able to identify an AGM or GM at a location without depending on the department record or dept tree. We are interested in learning from others who are in a similar situation to see how you have built your organizational structure and departments to support multiple persons in the same position due to the business having extended hours. We are trying to better position ourselves now in order to implement other features and functions that rely on a solidly identified hierarchy. Reach out if you would like to speak via phone. Any information is much appreciated. Thanks!

    @Marcus Lynn Hello and thank you for your thoughts. Since we are lacking position management, the dotted line supervisor function is a missing link that we could be utilizing. If there is a way to assign employees to multiple managers through the matrix format without utilizing position management, then it is worth investigating. I am definitely going to read up on this and see if this would help us. Thanks for the information!

    @Bob Laedtke Thank you very much for your reply. You are correct about trying to figure out which boss is in charge. If we were to try to break the groups down into shifts, people work across shifts and the question is how does the day manager approve time that was worked during 2nd shift while that employee filled in. The validations and conditions become the biggest obstacle to the solutions. Thank you again!

    @Nadine Pierce Hi Nadine,

    I am only now in the implementation phase of Oracle HCM Cloud and not sure I have the answer, but would like to ask a question. Is your organization set up in a matrix format (e.g. employees having both a functional and an operational manager)? If not, could you possibly assignment each employee a direct (perhaps the day manager) and then the other managers set up at indirect (matrix) managers.

    I am sure I don't know enough about your organization at the point to offer a viable solution, but hopefully that's some food for thought...if it's even systematically possible. Good luck!

    @Nadine Pierce

    Hi Nadine -

    Sounds like your situation there is certainly a challenge. Afraid I don't have any suggestions offhand. During my experiences using PeopleSoft, we've had some Positions setup for multiple incumbents, but I don't think any of those Positions ever had Direct Reports. So I can imagine it gets tricky figuring out which "boss" is in charge of people beneath that position, when you can have multiple incumbents in a boss position.

    Hopefully, you'll hear from other PeopleSoft HCM users within Quest, who may have experience or suggestions on this topic.

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