A scenario that I was told would never happen has just happened.

    We have an ex-employee that has been just rehired and HR is asking if we they need to enter a now employee number or can they use the old number. Bridging is not an issue since they have been gone for over 2 years.

    I told them that they should use the old number due to Tax ID. However, they want to know where they record the rehire date. I believe it is Start Date but I want to make sure. Date of Original Hire is populated so that will not be an issue.

    Also, is there anything else that needs to be done.

    Patrick K. Faloney
    ERP Administrator.

    @nancy-hilary Nancy. Thanks. That is almost exactly what I told HR to do (especially about the dates in benefits).

    Patrick K. Faloney
    ERP Administrator

    @patrick-faloney-1 Hi - We rehire all the time using the same Employee Number. We even have employees rehired under new Companies (and potentially Tax IDs) and as long as the employee was properly terminated previously, we have had no issues. "Properly Terminated" includes ending all prior DBAs, ACH Instructions, Wage Attachments etc. Our best practice is to leave the Original Hire Date and update Start Date, Date Pay Starts, Date in Current Job, and Date in Current Position but this is determined by how you use dates within your system. (We do not use Position Control). Our Leave DBAs calculate off Date Started however some of our benefits calculate from Participation Date so you will need to update dates according to your setup. The main point is to maintain consistency with what you enter in each of your fields. JDE 9.2 may have a current bug on Mandatory Benefits for Rehires - I think there is a date issue as it errors when you try to enroll again. I think this can be bypassed through Enrollment Overrides but I'm uncertain on the workaround.

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