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    Rapid Reports(Cetova) vs OneView vs ReportsNow

    Looking for advice on reporting tools for JDE 9.2 We are upgrading from 9.0 to 9.2 soon and are evaluating reporting options. Currently we are using Rapid Reports (Cetova) but will be considering OneView, ReportsNow and others. Any recommendations for user friendly reporting tools with great functionality would be appreciated.

    @Kevin Wolfe I also meant to say that we used this tool in JDE World as well. This was so nice to use during our implementation to JDE E1 as it helped our BSAs with record counts, etc for querying and analyzing data during our implementation. Puts more power in the BSA hands (as well as non-IT) so that we were not solely relying on programmers for record validation ,etc.
    Jaimee O'Banion

    @Kevin Wolfe We use ReportsNow and we love it (JDE E1 9.2). This tool has become a game changer for our IT and other departments. It is so easy to use and understand and our non-IT users now have much better reporting capabilities in their hands instead of having only IT write complicated reports. You can also connect other databases that your company has as an "external connection" and can easily report on non-E1 data that could also connect to E1 data as well, which we really like. The support from ReportsNow is incredible, fast to respond and helpful with new ideas "wish lists" to implement.
    We have a lot of good things to say about them!
    Jaimee O'Banion

    @Kevin Wolfe we don't use Cetova either but we use OneView and are looking at ReportsNow. OneView is limited it doesn't allow users to add columns that aren't in the business view or join tables that aren't already joined, a developer has to do that for the users, it also has limited calculations for instance today I need a report that shows the last receipt date of a group of items and I can't do a Max(date) function in OneView. OneView is helpful for simple reports, it's easy to run and it's in E1 so users don't have to go to another system but doesn't provide enough functionality to be our only user reporting tool.

    @Kevin Wolfe
    I can't give a comparison to Cetova as I am not familiar with it. But we use ReportsNow and love it. We find it very easy to create ad hoc reporting, and use it for E1 reports that are easy to create (so that we don't have to wait in the IT queue). We also have OneView. We don't use it as much for ad hoc reporting, as it is cumbersome to finds fields. But I do think there is value in having OneView, especially on 9.2.

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