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    Fluid Mobile Inventory - Picking Feedback

    Good afternoon,

    I am inquiring to see if anyone is using Picking Feedback on Fluid Mobile Inventory. We are currently looking into the plausibility of utilizing this feature, but we haven't been exposed to any user testimonials. If you are utilizing Fluid Mobile Inventory Picking Feedback, it would be greatly appreciated if you could share your experience and any aha moments that you may have encountered.

    Best Regards,

    Mike Nangle
    Analyst | iSynergy Supply Chain

    @Dan Rotermund

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for the feedback. I really like the idea of having some kind of verification from the user that they are picking from the correct location. Requiring the user to scan the location or item provides that check to help ensure picking accuracy.

    Currently, AdventHealth utilizes Par Count, Par Count Ad Hoc, Guided Count, Count by Location, Count by Item, Manual Count, Delivery Cart, Delivery, and Item Stock Inquiry Mobile Fluid transactions. We are looking to adopt Picking Feedback to help our users to confirm picks while physically picking.

    At this time I am not able to attend Reconnect due to our implementation schedule. If for some reason I can attend Reconnect I would definitely seek out your session. Your session does sound very intriguing and I wish you good luck.

    @Mike Nangle

    Hi Mike
    We have implemented a handful of Mobile Fluid transactions, but picking feedback is not one of them, yet.
    In that transaction, we really want to see a way to confirm Item and Location via a scan, but this transaction only needs qty picked entered.
    May look into customizing this to meet our needs down the line.
    If you happen to be going to Reconnect, I am putting on a session of how we implemented mobile transactions in PeopleSoft Supply Chain if you are interested....
    Dan Rotermund

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