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    JDE API for user management

    I see the JDE docs about lots of business functions, but nothing about creating/managing users and roles. Is there a user management API out there?

    If we wanted to have a 3rd party application create, disable, and assign roles, how would you do it? Can you just insert/update into the DB tables directly? Does anyone know of documentation for that?

    Thank you!

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    @scott williams Hi Scott,

    You have a few options here. I do not know if there is an API to make this easy. Here are a couple of options:

    1 - I believe both QSoftware and AllOutSecurity (3rd party security software for jde) have external solutions for this.
    2 - I have developed a couple of custom apps here over the years to facilitate creating users during implementation. From what I have found, you can add directly to the security tables (F0092, F00921, F00925, F95921, F98OWSEC) If you have Security History turned on, you will want to use the B9312 (WriteSecurityHistoryRecord) bsfn to insert records there. The F98OWSEC is also a bit tricky since it stores passwords, encrypted, in a BLOB field. For my program, I fetched a row (of a sample user with a KNOWN password), then inserted the new row with the same value in the SCSRVBLOBA field and set the flag to "change password immediately". I had to send the new users the KNOWN password, but they immediately set their own. ...I highly recommend you proceed carefully if you go this route. You may even want to set up a 2nd set of these tables while you test in development to avoid "breaking" things. Also, be mindful that any tools releases or technical ESUs may change the way things work, so you will want to test carefully whenever you take these.
    3 - I have a coworker who setup a CAFE1 page with the various user setup forms on it to make it a bit easier to create users. It is kind of wonky, but it helps him.

    Hope this helps.
    E1 9.2, ( coming soon!)
    Windows/SQL Server

    @scott williams
    Hi. Don’t know your E1 version or TR, but currently you may easily create an orchestration to do exactly that.

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