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    Kronos TeleStaff - PeopleSoft Interface

    Our Fire Department currently uses Kronos TeleStaff & Police Department is considering using it. Both are interested in interfacing TeleStaff with PeopleSoft. The concept being considered is to bring the “schedule” information from TeleStaff and using it to populate the PeopleSoft timecard. Is anyone already doing this that we could talk to about recommendations, lessons learned, etc.


    Hi Steve,

    I am very interested in this topic. I am with a transit agency and our Police Department currently uses TeleStaff for scheduling and bidding for vacation or overtime. We use the Time and Labor (TL) module in PeopleSoft and our Police staff use a Time Collection Device (TCD - Automated Time Clock) to punch in/out.

    Currently, to utilize the TeleStaff functionality and to get the officer paid correctly requires dual entry to both systems. We are currently exploring more efficient methods with exchanging information between the two systems. PeopleSoft TL is deemed to be our system of record because we have quite a few, complex Time and Labor Rules which are derived from our union contracts to help ensure that employees are paid according to their rules and policies. The same validation is not set up in TeleStaff and seems redundant to consider.

    I would like to hear what other users are experiencing as well as what solutions are being considered.


    @steve-streiffert One of our consultants have built this interface for a customer of ours. If you want to schedule a quick zoom, then please get in touch with me.
    415 699 8745

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