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    Off-cycle payments via direct deposit

    We are in need of a method of paying off-cycle employee payments via direct deposit rather than cutting physical checks. As delivered, PeopleSoft is really not built for this, as the most common technique for off-cycle checks is to tie them in the calendar to the subsequent on-cycle run, which then provides all other reporting for the payments. You can produce the off-cycle check(s) and uncheck the "no direct deposit option", but then you have the issue of how you control what ACH data goes to the bank and when. We may have off-cycle payments today, tomorrow, the next day, etc. and the ACH transactions must be sent to the bank in a timely manner or they don't get paid promptly.

    Bottom line is, we're trying to devise a solution that doesn't requires us to build some big customization within PeopleSoft. A couple of things we've thought about are 1) working with our bank to use a one-off ACH payment tool for these transactions outside of PeopleSoft; and 2) find a way to extract the DD data for the off-cycle checks on a given day and pass that through a version of the direct deposit program to generate the file that we would then upload to our bank as we do our on-cycle files. Can anyone share how they handle off-cycle ACH payments?

    @Dan Wilcox We created a custom DDP001 program to process off-cycle Direct Deposits. We created a table to keep track of which off-cycle deposits we already sent. This way payroll can run either once a day or multiple times if need to get the data to bank sooner.

    We worked with our bank to allow more than one file in the same day.

    This way we can send both On Cycle and Off Cycle checks in the same day.

    We could have modified the DDP001 to do this as well. However, our payroll team preferred two separate program names. Also we could just pick up all Off Cycle not processed without keeping track of the page or check numbers.

    @Dan Wilcox We have/had a similar problem. We customized the DDP001 process to look at the off-cycle flag. Then we added a "box" on the run control page where we can designate if we want the process to look for "Y" for off-cycle or "N" for on-cycle.

    Here's what the updated run control page looks like:
    0_1552920596028_Off-cycle DDP-001.pdf

    Mary, I'll certainly vote this up. We're looking at different possibilities and if we settle on one, I'll try to remember to share what we ended up doing.

    @Dan Wilcox
    We also have this same need. I have posted an "idea" aka Enhancement Request of Oracle to address this. Please considering going to this link and voting the idea up on the Oracle Support website. If you would also post the comments you posted here under the replies there, it gets more momentum from Oracle development to actually work on it. Thank you for your consideration.

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