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    Has anyone developed custom Balance Sheet and P&L reports using BI publisher, against PS data? If so, did you have to install the BI Publisher software on a separate server or same server as PS DB or same server used for all reporting?

    @Bryan Lagasse have you or others in your company used BI Publisher to develop/create financial reports - P&L and Balance Sheet - instead of using nVision?

    @Thomas Meyer so you have developed P&L and Balance Sheet reports using BI Publisher? Do the reports look like nVision reports? I have heard that many people use BI Publisher for things like invoices, checks etc....but wondering whether people use the same tool for financial reports, instead of using nVision.

    Hi @Susan Jo ! No, there is no need for a separate server. BI Publisher requires the runtime Java libraries only - I've never seen any usage that would warrant a separate server just for BI Publisher - it usually multi-threads just fine. You may need to spawn additional PSAESRV processes on your Process Scheduler server and depending on how many other application engines run on your process scheduler and how big your server(s) are that run process scheduler, I suppose you may need to look at expansion, but seems very unlikely...

    Good luck!

    @Susan Jo I have not developed a Balance Sheet with BI Pulbisher but have used BI Publisher for many other items.

    Like the other people, we did not need a separate server, we needed the Microsoft Plug in (Add-on) to use it. We have to download that from PeopleSoft to ensure we get the correct one. Go to Reporting Tools - BI Publisher - Setup - Design Helper. That has the download there depending if you have 32 or 64 bit.

    Once successfully downloaded, there is documentation on how to use it. Bascially, it adds a tab to your Word called BI Publisher. You can upload the data source and use it like a mail merge type document. You format and put fields in the template.

    Hope this helps.

    @Susan Jo Hi Susan Jo. We have done this many times and have never required a separate server for BI Publisher.

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