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    I am looking for some guidance. One of our managers would like his salaried employees to be able to enter time they worked via JDE Time Entry, but would like to have JDE move any billable hours that total over 8 per day moved to a non billable account. For example Emp A works 10.5 hours on Monday, enters all of his time to a billable account, but the manager would like 2.5 of those hours moved to a non billable GL Account. We currently pay on a biweekly pay period and would like to run a process prior to processing payroll to move these hours.

    I looked at the timecard template but not sure I can set it up to move hours to a different account. I've looked at the Split Time (labor distribution) but that looks like we would have to have a percentage instead of hours.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    @Holee Nunnenkamp

    Hello Holee,

    I believe the timecard templates could assist you with this task - using the overtime structure.

    The concept that pops into my head is to run an overtime rule (these rules don't need to just apply to overtime) to find all timecards (for a specified group) who have more than 8 hours per day and to move the excess hours into a new pay code.

    You would need to move the non-billable hours into a different pay code to make this work so that the payroll labor AAIs could be setup to charge to a different account.

    I would further recommend that you have three pay codes - using pay code 1 as the autopay salary the system generates during payroll to pay the salaried employee. A pay code called "Regular" or something like that for use by the employee in the time entry application and the third pay code perhaps called "Reg - Non Bill" to be used to move the hours over 8 into.

    The payroll Debit Labor AAIs would need to be setup to direct the second pay code to a billable account, the third pay code to a non-billable account and the pay code 1 - salary, perhaps to salary and wages.

    Just a thought.. interested in hearing how you make out!

    Thanks, Llana

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