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    NVision Development on Windows 10

    Is anyone using a Windows 10 machine to do nVision development? We are on Tools 8.54.20 using Excel 2013 and it crashes everytime I try to modify a layout's criteria. Oracle is saying this is a known bug and we must either upgarde to Tools 8.55 or downgrade to Excel 2010. I am curious what others are doing in this situation.



    Hi Alicia,

    We have been told that we have to have Windows 2016 64-bit to run nVision on 8.55. That sounds correct to me what they are telling you. The Accounting users will continue to use Windows 2010 until we have gone live with our 8.55 upgrade. The Upgrade is scheduled to go live sometime in early March 2017.

    Thanks for all the responses! I find it interesting that many are on lower versions of Tools than Oracle said we needed to be with Windows 10 and some have gotten Excel 2013 to work. I may try using Windows 10/Excel 2013 with a higher patch release of 8.54 and see if that changes anything. I will post any future findings for everyone.



    We have some users running 2-tier nVision for development on Windows 10, but we're already on Tools 8.55 (upgraded from 8.52 in May 2016). I'll forward your email to Mark Hoernemann at Oracle.  He's the liaison for the PS Tech SIG and he's the certifications guru for Tools.


    Hi Alicia - Bill from State Farm here.  I have just completed testing with Windows 10 and we are not having any problems.  We are on PeopleTools 8.54.16.  We are also using a 64-bit version of MS Office 2013.  Although I have a couple of Finance users who are using nVision through virtual desktops not all of them are.  As long as they have 64-bit Excel 2013 on their workstation nVision launches and can be maintanined without problems.

    Thanks for the quick response!

    Alicia Kinsey

    thanks Dan.

    Alicia,   yes we also had to use virtual machine for users to swtich to to do nvision updates.  I dont know the tech details but the virtual server keeps the old Windows and Excel set up until you upgrade to 8.55

    We are on PT 8.54.10. We have created a virtual machine to do nVision development. It uses Windows Server 2012 and Excel 2010.

    Dan Ossmann

    We downgraded to Excel 2010. We are on tools 8.54.17.

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