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    Who's Excited for COLLABORATE 2019?

    COLLABORATE 2019 will be here in a blink of an eye and I can't believe it will be my 7th COLLABORATE. You know what they say....time flies when you are having fun...and i have to say planning for COLLABORATE and being at COLLABORATE is one of the best things about this job.

    Each year brings new things and this year we are bringing a completely new venue by taking this show to San Antonio, TX April 7th - 11th. We are seeing continued growth in our education and networking opportunities, new attendees, new speakers, new stories, new solutions, new challenges, and much more. I want to know two things...

    1. Are you coming to COLLABORATE?
    2. What are you most excited about?

    I'd love to hear from you and I look forward to seeing you at #C19TX in April!

    @Ed Schipp congrats on completing the upgrade! I am excited for you to see all the great new capabilitites!

    @Diane Miller We are always so excited to see the community and couldn't agree more that its like a big "family reunion". Looking forward to having a chance to catch up with you and many others!

    @Lisa Tran you always do a great job sharing the experience with new people! Thank you for always helping and bring new people to energize the conference.

    @David Bauerle Meeting people face 2 face is my favorite part, putting a face to a name is such a great feeling. There is a TON of Orchestrator items, can't wait to hear more about what you learn.

    @David Wagoner If you have never been to San Antonio, you are going to love it. Its a great city and a perfect place for COLLABORATE 2019. Geek Meet is like a secret society right?

    @Jean Driscoll Looking forward to having you back!

    @Andrew Ostdiek Excited for you to be back and being one of those "JDE-Speaking" Technical people. Thanks for always being willing to participate!

    47 days left until COLLABORATE 2019!

    @Christina Yue
    I'm looking forward to networking and all of the "JDE-Speaking" technical people that help me navigate my job and our companies utilization of JDE. I love to see what others are doing, which helps me promote innovation within my company.

    @Christina Yue I'm excited to be back after missing last year! I can't wait to see friends like you and the Quest Technology SIG.

    The Geek Meet is on Sunday night this year! We hope to see our geek friends there at Broken Crust Pizza to start off the big week.

    Collaborate is always uplifting to me, seeing what Oracle has been planning in their software for the past year and how customers are taking advantage of it.

    @Christina Yue I'll be there. Looking forward to seeing familiar faces like @Diane Miller!

    The new venue looks nice, and I want to learn as much as I can about orchestrator. It looks neat-o.

    Hint hint: The first rule about geek meet is that you don't talk about geek meet, but you may be able to hear about it if you attend one of the Sunday Tech Sig round tables or Tech Sig general session.

    • Experiencing the new venue!

    • Meeting face 2 face many who I've communicated with via email and phone

    • Seeing what the community is doing with Orchestrator and other technologies

    • Keeping on top of Oracle's enhancements and direction for E1.

    @Christina Yue

    We have several people from Stoner attending. 1 who has not been to a Quest event for at least 5 years and a new person from supply chain. I look forward to sharing the experience with those folks that have not attended. New people often bring new perspective and it helps energize ideas for improvement and change.

    @Christina Yue I will be attending and am excited about several things:

    1. Seeing all the AWESOME Quest staff - Thank you all for your hardwork on this event!
    2. The new and different location this year.
    3. It's like old home week where you get to see those people in person you only see at this event.
    4. Plus I love the opportunity of hearing directly from Oracle and
    5. Being able to mingle in the exhibitor showcase with all the vendors and seeing their products or hearing what they have to offer!
      Looking forward to April - 62 days and counting down!!!!

    I always learn something useful to bring back to my company from attending COLLABORATE. We just completed our tools upgrade under E1 version 9.2 and I expect to network with others and see what they are doing with the new capabilities provided.

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