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    Hi All,

    Happy New Year! We took the #12/18 Vertex update but I'm having a devil of a time validating the new SUI Wage Base amount of $13,100 in JDE. I feel like it's going to be a super simple answer but I'm throwing in the towel and asking you all before I lose any more time and brain cells on this. ūüôā

    Thanks in advance,

    Cari Phillips

    @Cari Phillips
    So, if you enter an interim with wages that are above the limit, you will see the Taxable Gross in the interim Tax Detail form, which should be the $13,100 (if you were testing with an employee that has no history and there aren't any overrides in P079221). If you are testing for an employee who is in a company/fund where the P079221 has a $100,000 limit, and you enter a payment for $200,000, I would expect you'd see the Taxable Gross of $100,000 and In Excess Amount of $100,000. The Annual Limit in P079221 is considered an override to the limit that Vertex supplies. So, you wouldn't see the $13,100 as taxable gross in that case.

    @Alicia Gambrell Hi Alicia, When I was testing the December Vertex, I believe I put in a Lump Sum of $200,000. I just didn't know if I would see the $13,100 anywhere as a threshold with regards to SUI (yes, I'm in Colorado). I do have several entries in the P079221for our different funds, but the annual limit for State Unemployment (Employer Portion) is set at $100M so that's not helpful. I just never know how to validate Colorado's SUI wage base. It seems to be a mystery to everyone here. We're obviously paying our SUI but just wondering if I was doing something wrong in terms of JDE. Thank you for your time.

    @Cari Phillips
    Hi Cari, so are you entering an interim check with a lump sum greater than $13,100 for example for 2019 with the state (is this CO?) and looking at Tax Detail to validate to see that the Taxable Gross is $13,100? Do you have anything setup in the UI Rates (P079221)?

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