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    JDE - Cash Receipts / An Exacerbated Negative Penny Problem...

    From a ticket I got this morning:

    Okay, so here’s what I’ve got:

    · The data conversion from World left some phantom negative pennies as unapplied payments; there were 7 for CoServ (10006) and 2 for Tri-County (10020).
    · Since it has been a year, I tried to just use a GL entry to get rid of them – I pulled up each one and made a GL entry to account 135.4560 for the -0.01.
    · When I try to post the batch, it says it’s one-sided (out of balance by $0.09).
    · To keep it from being one sided, I decided to instead try creating a credit memo (negative invoice) to match it to. I had to make the credit memo for -0.01 (I tried the whole -0.07 at once and it gave me an error about a missing AAI because it was trying to write something off, which it’s not ever supposed to do). I’ve tried repeatedly to match it and it just thinks and thinks and throws a system error and kicks me out.
    · I tried to just delete the GL entry from the receipt and go back to where I started, but then I get an error saying you cannot have a negative unapplied amount….

    Not sure the course of action. Never had to deal with this (first World Conversion for me and there is over 20 years of information). Waiting for more information from end user before opening a ticket with Oracle

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