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    Permission for General Ledger Spreadsheet Upload

    For those of you who use the GL Spreadsheet Upload functionality, can you tell me what permission list is tied to allow a user to use this function? Regardless of whether we give someone the permission list to add/update the journal entry page, it appears that anyone who has access to PS can upload a Spreadsheet Upload file. Is there a way to lock this down and not allow users to be able to do this upload?

    @Bryan Lagasse - hi Bryan! I sent you a request to connect. Let's catch up. Remember me? I worked at IBM, with Mildred Balmori and Christine O'Brien, among others. Hope you are well and thanks for the response!

    Hi @Susan Jo !

    Dan & Syed are both correct. In order to prevent a user with journal entry access from performing a spreadsheet upload, you need to remove all of the following:

    1. Access to Menu "PROCESS_JOURNALS", and Component "LOAD_JRNL_DYN".
    2. Access to WEBLIB_GL web library, specifically IScript_Excel_Journal

    The component "LOAD_JRNL_PNL" under PROCESS_JOURNALS menu should also be removed; however this is for a specific (very old) file format that few people use these days and it would be unlikely your users would figure out how to upload a file with that format.

    There are two ways for users to upload files - one using the direct upload (which uses the web library) but there's also a way to save the file to the desktop and then upload it using the LOAD_JRNL_DYN component (General Ledger -> Journals -> Import Journals -> Spreadsheet Journals).

    Cut off both those methods in your main journal entry permission list and you'll be all set.

    Good luck-

    @Susan Jo

    Hey Susan, look if everyone who is able to upload has an access to the following components:


    If yes, then please remove them.

    Hope this helps.

    @Susan Jo

    Hi Susan. The security that's needed for the spreadsheet journal import is a web library called WEBLIB_GL. You need to grant full access to the following function: JOURNAL_ID.FieldFormula.Iscript_Excel_Journal

    I don't know if there are any delivered permission lists with this access but we use our own custom permission lists and authorized this function for an appropriate set of users.

    Hope that helps!

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