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    Monetary Account Valuation

    Hello, we are interested if others are using Monetary Account Valuation program to calculate "unrealized" gains/losses via Doc type JX on G/L accounts. This program does a great job calculating gains/losses based on foreign currency balances, however, we don't see an option to run a "realized" version of said program. Does anyone have experience with this process?



    Realized gains/losses are computed when Cash Receipts or Payments are issued, closing the A/R or A/P Open items.

    The Unrealized gains/losses are computed either on Monetary accounts, Open A/P or Open A/R balances.


    Hello Danielle, thank you for the response. We are using a single G/L account as the inter-company Receivable/Payables account. Said account does not have a subsystem attached. Thus, we don't have receipts or payments in the subsystem to trigger "realized" postings. I know that is bit odd perhaps (am new to the company), but we manually calculation unreal and real gains now, and hoped to automate one or both of those processes. So, it looks like we can automate the first, but not the latter.....not sure it is worth the effort to automate only the first.

    Appreciate your thoughts!

    @mike-harding - "realized" gain/loss is calculated when the voucher is paid or when you receive against the AR invoice. You don't have to run a program to make it happen, although there is some set-up. If you would like more details, please feel free to reach out to me. Thx!

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