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    Collaborate or Reconnect - which to attend?

    Can someone recommend which event to attend - Collaborate or Reconnect - for PeopleSoft? Which is larger and which is more relevant for PeopleSoft Users?

    @vanessa-daffron Thank you so much!! This is very helpful!!

    @susan-jo Hi there, COLLABORATE and RECONNECT are both relevant for PeopleSoft users. However there are some key differences. RECONNECT is presented solely by Quest and is a smaller, deep-dive event that focuses only on PeopleSoft, offering hundreds of educational sessions on key PeopleSoft-specific topics. It is a shorter (three-day) event with in-depth PeopleSoft education for technical and functional users, abilities to connect and learn from PeopleSoft product leadership, networking opportunities and solution providers just for PeopleSoft users. It is a smaller but more in-depth event than COLLABORATE and only focuses on providing deep-dive education for one product. COLLABORATE is a significantly larger, four day event attracting about 5,000 attendees that focuses on many Oracle products and is presented by three different users groups. It's content focuses more on topics relevant to IT decision makers, although business professionals from various professional roles attend and enjoy the conference each year. Quest's forum at COLLABORATE covers strategy and product roadmaps from Oracle product strategy leaders and hundreds of educational sessions on PeopleSoft, Oracle Cloud (HCM, ERP, EPM, SCM and CX) and JD Edwards. It is being held in San Antonio this year with more than 1,000 sessions crossing numerous products, a larger exhibitor showcase, keynotes, receptions and networking events. Our event pages for both of these events provide much more information about each of these events: RECONNECT and COLLABORATE. If you are looking for a deep-dive and more technical PeopleSoft event, then RECONNECT is the event for you. If you are looking for a more strategic event where you'll not only learn about PeopleSoft's future but also emerging technologies and tomorrow's Oracle technological strategies and more, then COLLABORATE may be more for you. Also in 2019, COLLABORATE's educational sessions are categorized by the business goals and outcomes they can help Oracle users achieve:

    Multi-layered Security Planning
    Performance in the Data Center
    Managing Rapid Data Growth
    Business Transformation with Big Data
    Applications Development
    Journeys to the Cloud
    Optimizing On-premise Applications
    Emerging Technologies
    Governance / Compliance
    “Lift and Shift” for Current Workloads
    New Workloads in the Cloud

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