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    HSA Setup for OE19: 55+ contributions and Zero EE contributions

    We created an HSA plan for our HDHP medical plan for OE19. There are several issues that we're dealing with based on our requirements.

    1. We have two HDHP plans (HDHP & HDSE) with two separate benefit rates but the cross plan will only allow 1 Cross Benefit Plan, so without a custom we'll have to manually audit the HSA elections for a certain union group to make sure none of these employees elected our other Wellness medical plan(s).

    2. EE Zero contributions w/ER Contribution. Apparently PS doesn't allow this setup without a custom (according to recent forum posts?) so we'll have to manually elect employees that enroll in the HDHP/HDSE plans in the HSA on the FSA/HSA base benefit table.

    3. 55+ Catch up contributions: I'm uncertain how to allow these in the maximum contribution setup. I added the $1k EE Contribution in the HSA Plan Attributes. Do I include this $1k catch-up in the HSA Contribution Limits?


    0_1539369107482_HSA #2.png

    Single EE Contribution: 3000/ ER Contribution: 500
    EE+Child/Sp EE Cont.: 6000/ER Cont. 1000
    age 55+ catch-up contribution: 1000

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Shawn Garber

    @Shawn Garber

    FYI...the Age 55+ catch-up setup on the first screen I provided is correct and the added $1k catch-up allows employees to contribute the extra $1k in the open enrollment event.

    We never did figure out a work-around for the employer contribution without an employee contribution.

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