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    Peoplesoft Recruiting job posting interface with facebook or linkedin

    We are trying build job posting interface between in PeopleSoft Recruiting to Company Facebook and LinkedIn user account.

    Is any one have experience on PS job posting in social networking and Share They experience or thoughts greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    @Chalapathi Penmetsa We are also using the job wrapping function of LinkedIn. We created a public feed and shared this with LinkedIn.

    I looked into the job posting framework, or better said the Open Integration Framework and it seems that the OIF would fit the need, but we haven't kicked of the project yet to dive deeper on setting up the solution.

    Let us know what direction you are taking on the solution. As soon I have more to share on OIF I will post it in here.


    @Chalapathi Penmetsa

    We are all waiting for an Oracle-delivered solution to post jobs to social media (Facebook, LinkedIn). Hopefully it will come sooner than later.

    In the meantime we have been using LinkedIn's Job Wrapping solution. And some other solutions for Facebook job postings.

    This is an extract from a LinkedIn brochure:

    LinkedIn Job Wrapping scans your company’s career
    site and automatically posts your jobs directly to the
    LinkedIn Jobs Network. Job Wrapping ensures that
    you’re maximizing your investment in LinkedIn by
    keeping all of your Job Slots lled without any
    additional effort from your recruiting team.

    With Job Wrapping, ALL of your jobs reach the best
    active and passive candidates on LinkedIn – without
    manual updates. Wrapping makes things easier for
    your recruiting team, so they’ll be free to focus on
    sourcing and building candidate relationships.

    Hope this helps!

    @Chalapathi Penmetsa Omaha Public Power District has been trying to do the same thing but we have not been able to find anyone who has experience or has made this work. We would be very interested as well.


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