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    Peoplesoft native check printing

    Planning to move from Mainframe printing to PS native check printing. Can someone provide more insight ?

    @Richard Tomancik
    We are migrating to XML for our AP check printing are are experiencing issues. We are unable to print directly to our HP TROY printer using XML Publisher check layouts. We have a TROY printer with signature font installed in printer. How can we get the pay cycle to print the XML directly to printer in PCL format.
    Any thoughts?

    There are two methods to print checks and you need to decide what your processing / security / technology needs are. Below are some of the issues that I think are a big issue.

    The legacy method, that Peoplesoft says they only maintain for legacy customers (but we implemented 2 years ago anyway because of Oracle consulting's direction) is to print Checks and Advices directly from the SQR programs to the printer. Key things to consider...

    • You can use a Printer Based secure system like Troy where the MICR font and Check Signature's are installed on the printer using a SIMM chip. We have the MICR on the printer and the signatures stored on the batch server.

    The new way is to use XML Publisher to create the checks.

    • When I setup this method 5 years ago (as a contractor for a client) there was no way to send directly to the printer. It had to send to the Report Repository as a PDF and printed from there. The client has procedural/security issues with that aspect and I found a place in the AE Program to modify to choose sending to the printer but it was a customization.

    • Because the output is PDF, you CANNOT use printer hardware based MICR font and signature. You are going to have to have software based MICR font and signature image on the batch servers. The technical reason is that PDF files are rasterized output that cannot pass escape sequences to the printer hardware to call the font numbers that represent the MICR font and Signature image.

    That being said, even if you choose to print directly from the SQR's you will still have to be concerned with the XML format because that is how the self-service check images are generated.

    If things have changed since then I hope others will speak up and provide input.

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