Corrupt Expense reports

    Hi Quest group members:
    We are having issues with ERs in our expenses module; Corrupt Expense reports; the header status shows as SHEET_STATUS ='SUB' but line shows as PND; unable to duplicate the issue. Not happening to the same employee again. Please let me know, if anyone had any experience in this.


    @Sachin Dhekane
    I have seen this and the cause for us was the EXPENSES Service Operation had multiple active routings (and another time handlers) caused by an upgrade/patch. The solution is to determine which Handler/Routing is the correct one and inactivate (or delete) the undesired one. What was happening was that both routings were triggered so the system would then process the transaction twice causing a "race" condition but the worse type: whoever finished LAST won.

    A less frequent occurrence was an incorrect setup of the Default Local Node in Integration Broker.

    Clearing the IB cache and restarting the pub-sub handlers after making a change resolved the issue for us.


    @Ramesh Dhullipaua,

    Yes I had experienced similar Expense report corrupt issue which Oracle is not able to replicate nor us. But this happens randomly in Production.
    Issue description: ER get created with SHEET_ID = 'NEXT'. This causes all other expense report user to get PeopleCode error. No one able to create new Expense report unless ER with SHEET_ID = 'NEXT' is deleted from backend, incase report is already approved.
    I think your issue is similar as this appears to be inconsistency in ER submission code. Hope your issue is random and doesn't happen again. Oracle engineer are redesigning Expense module to be fully Fluid and in doing so introducing bugs which are not easy to replicate.

    Sachin Dhekane

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