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    Canadian employees - address book tax ID validation

    Hello everyone - this is a question for everyone who has managed a Canadian employee in JDE. In the past, when we added a Cdn employee to the address book (search type 'E') - the system would require us to enter a valid SIN (following the CRA algorithm). I know this was working as we all carried around a list of fake SINs to use when setting up test employees.

    We just noticed in 9.2 that this no longer appears to work and when I opened a ticket with Oracle, they indicated that there was no such functionality. I feel like perhaps I lost 1/2 my brain?

    I would love to hear from others about this... especially those that can confirm that this is how the address book used to work...? Please and thanks!

    Hi everyone - I did open an enhancement request with Oracle to have this Canadian tax ID validation applied directly to the address book application P01012 (when search type is 'E' and country code is 'CA') - so will update the HCM enhancements as soon as Oracle provides the bug number. Thanks for all of your help!

    @Alicia Gambrell JM***** are 9.1 ESU
    9.2 ESU start with JN*****

    I just look and there no update for P0801, the last one is in UN2

    And Llana, we have the same problem has you here!!
    In 9.1 it's was validating and now in 9.2, he accept anything

    Possible to have some news/bug number so we can track what oracle have to say about that



    @Llana McCowan Hi Llana! The system does support an edit on the Canadian SIN. I tested in my 9.2 environment and it worked. I've included a screenshot--not sure if it will be visible.


    I also found this on the MOS HCM Community--and this response from the Oracle rep. It's a few years old, but it validates your understanding and might lead to some clues....

    The system validates for invalid SIN numbers and the following error message will be produced when an invalid SIN is entered: Invalid SIN number-check digit error: You have entered a Social Insurance Number (SIN) that does not pass the Check Digit requirements for Canada. This error is generated during the employee entry via the P0801 or P060116Q when an invalid SIN is entered and must be corrected before the employee record is added.

    I ran a quick test by entering an invalid SIN and the error message was generated right away. Do you know if you are code current on the P0801 and P060116Q objects? The latest ESU to update P0801, P060116Q and R060116P is JM15981. It certainly sounds like you are perhaps missing code. My suggestion is to confirm your code level and install JM15981 if it hasn't been installed. If JM15981 has been installed then I would suggest reviewing the R98700-spec merge report to ensure that all objects in the ESU show as "replace" under the merge action column.

    @Llana McCowan This is a needed enhancement as all search type 'E" need to have valid SINs for employees in Canada. The validation tool should run regardless of how the AB is accessed.

    @Llana McCowan Hi Llana! We use that functionality right now in 9.1 for US employees and for our Vendors through the Address Book, P0100041 Processing Options, Edits Tab. Number 1 states: Validate for Duplicate Tax ID Entry. Blank = Do not Validate for Duplicate Entries; 1 = Validate and issue a Warning; 2 = Validate and issue an Error.

    This may be totally different for Canadian Address Book Records, as we do not deal with that. I don't know why it would, but I'm not sure.

    @Llana McCowan So - it appears that I have not lost my mind. Only when the address book is called via the row exit from within the employee master application P0801 is the Cdn SIN validation called. Appears to be via the N0100041.C. This requires the Canadian employee's tax ID (SIN) to follow the Cdn SIN algorithm rules.

    However, if you access the address book any other way, this validation does not occur. We are opening an enhancement SR to request that whenever search type 'E' is accessed via the Address Book (P0101A) and the country code is 'CA', that this validation is called.

    Comments would be appreciated. Thanks!

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