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    Using eProcurement Direct Connect Punch-outs

    Hi e-Procurement Users,

    We’re considering an implementation of Peoplesoft’s eProcurement and Purchasing modules to move our purchase processing from an internal system we are sunsetting. As we consider eProcurement, we are enticed by the punch-out feature. Are any Peoplesoft customers using eProcurement’s Direct Connect to Suppliers feature (aka Punch-outs) and if so was the setup significant/difficult?

    We have a small number of high volume suppliers (CDW, Staples and even Amazon Business), we would like to connect to for orders. A significant benefit which could be realized from our current system would be connecting the specific item(s) be it a laptop computer or office supply order to the Request For Purchase process.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback,
    Scott Schiefer

    Scott -

    Punchout is a great feature and isn't all that difficult to setup. My organization currently supports 10 linked supplier integrations. This includes WB Mason for office supplies, where users create over punchout 1000 requisitions per month. Given the transaction volume, we also implemented cXML dispatch and invoicing.

    Don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like to chat further about our experience using punchout or for more details about the lessons we've learned from our projects to set these up. We currently have another handful of suppliers queued up to initiate punchout over the coming months.

    Daniel Rech
    Director of Information Systems
    Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

    @Scott Schiefer Hi Scott. Set up is not difficult however it would require a level of IT expertise and working with the third party punch out supplier to properly configure PeopleSoft. We have completed punch out projects in 1 - 2 months, however, timelines can vary based on requirements. I do think it is worth implementing especially if you have a high order volume with a particular supplier that already has the punch out functionality enabled.

    We have configured punch out suppliers from PeopleSoft eProcurement so feel free to reach out to me if you have any additional questions.

    Thank you,

    Tom Meyer

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