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    Multi-Factor Authentication for Candidate Gateway Portal

    Hi - Being a Financial Services industry, we have a requirement from the state of New York Cybersecurity Regulation to offer MFA on all external sites that will access our internal network and confidential information. One of the sites that meet these parameters is our Candidate Gateway portal where prospective applicants will apply for jobs. My understanding is that it will require resources to customize PeopleSoft to incorporate MFA and usage of PingID. Specifically, knowledge is needed with PingID, Java Web Services, PeopleSoft Integration Broker and PeopleCode/PeopleTools.

    Does anyone have an approach to solving for this they could share? Thank you!


    Hi Melissa
    A couple of suggestions from one my consultants...use something like google authentication app or the oracle cloud sms service to send passcodes to registered cell numbers that must be entered in a two step process. Regardless of the approach you would need a customization.
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    @melissa-jannakos I too work for a Financial Services company. We have MFA in place for suppliers so that they can register themselves to be a supplier and for them to update their info on the eSupplier Connection portal. Our IT teams had to customize PS pages, develop custom tables, and integrate via web services call to a 3rd party product called SecureAuth. If you want to know more about how we did it, I would have to put you in touch with our App Admin team. Please let me know if you want more details.

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