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The North American Oracle Spatial and Graph SIG was formed to bring together the family of Oracle Spatial and Graph professionals to promote interaction and communication that can drive the market for spatial technology and data in the enterprise. The SIG aims to: create a forum for the exchange of technical information and best practices encourage community members’ participation in industry events foster strategic and technical collaboration between the community and Oracle Get Involved! IOUG Members: Log in to gain access to this IOUG community. Members have access to event information, as well as technical and networking resources. Not an IOUG Member? Sign up today for IOUG membership so that you can gain access to this community. What Can the Oracle Spatial and Graph SIG Offer You? Check out this video with SIG Board Members Tracy McLane (Bechtel) and Nick Salem (Neustar). They discuss the technical information sharing and professional networking opportunities that the group supports via its online communities, as well as at annual events like OpenWorld and the Oracle Spatial Summit.

Save the Date
The 2020 Spatial and Graph Summit at Analytics and Data Summit will be February 25-27, 2020.

Contact the Spatial and Graph SIG Board at oraclespatialsig@gmail.com with specific questions.

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