The Source to Settlement PeopleSoft User Group (S2S SIG) was officially created at the LINK 2011 Conference in Chicago.  This group is a merger of two existing user groups, the Supplier Relationship Management PeopleSoft User Group (SRM PUG) and the PeopleSoft Accounts Payable User Group (PSAP).

The value found by members of S2S SIG, include:

  • Member networking with other Source to Settlement customers who have similar challenges and interests. Members are encouraged to share implementation strategies and product experiences to help others shorten the learning curve related to PeopleSoft products.

  • Communication with other members and PeopleSoft through semi-annual conferences, newsletters, electronic and paper mailings, a website for all relevant news and information, and other appropriate communication vehicles.

  • A process by which members can join together to communicate to PeopleSoft with a common voice with the intent of improving communications regarding product expectations, strategic product improvement ideas, and ideas for improved customer relations.

  • Organized presentations from PeopleSoft management, developers, business partners, and others to keep S2S SIG members informed of changes in direction, product plans, and other areas of concern.

  • A forum to share product opportunities, including new products and product enhancements, which PeopleSoft should consider building to complement their existing product suite for a total industry solution.

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