The Government Contractor Special Interest Group (GCSIG) is an independent, self-managed, non-profit organization comprised of Oracle PeopleSoft customers providing value-added services and products to Federal, State and Local governments. The GCSIG offers value to its membership through:

A. Providing a forum for communication among government contractors with similar interests, concerns and problems. This forum includes scheduled meetings, working group sessions, newsletters, electronic mail, web sites, and other appropriate communication vehicles. Members are encouraged to share implementation strategies and product experiences and help others shorten the learning curve related to Oracle PeopleSoft products.

B. Providing a process by which the group can speak to Oracle with a common voice on matters of common interest, thereby improving communications regarding the Government Contracting Industry's product expectations, recommendations for improvement in customer relations and support, and other goals as may be identified.

Government Contractors that become customers of Oracle PeopleSoft products shall be considered members of the GCSIG. Members are encouraged to actively participate in GCSIG activities by: attending meetings, participating in meeting presentations, sharing experiences, responding to internal GCSIG communications, providing updated membership information, and ensuring appropriate functional and technical representation for each Oracle PeopleSoft product line. Active participation in the GCSIG is voluntary, and will not preclude or inhibit individual member company relationships with Oracle.

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