The Objectives of the Billing and Accounts Receivable SIG (formerly PSCARE) are:
-Provide networking opportunities for members.
-Increase member understanding of PeopleSoft functionality and share proven business processes in the areas of Billing, Cash Application, Collections, Credit, Customer Management, Reporting and Technical solutions.
-To enhance the functionality the PeopleSoft products through direct communications with PeopleSoft.
-Represent the entire PeopleSoft Billing and AR User community’s business needs.
-Provide a stable User Community base of knowledge to support member’s needs.

Success Stories:
-Via direct communication lines with PeopleSoft, the Billing and Accounts Receivable SIG has initiated PeopleSoft awareness and action relating to design issues.
-Assisted in the discovery of what was previously identified as User Errors but are really product features and product works as designed.
-Worked in conjunction with PeopleSoft to improve the Billing and Accounts Receivable product to include 30 additional functional enhancements. This has saved members time and money during upgrades and implementations by reducing the need for modifications.
-Provided a communication networking group with diverse levels of knowledge and expertise. This allows members to solicit and obtain solutions to business requirements without the expense of consultants or costly experts. Sorry, no consultants or independent advisors.
-Worked in conjunction with PeopleSoft to identify the need for batches, fixes, and service packs.

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