The Oracle Public Sector group (OPS) is an international organization through which Public Sector organizations that use Oracle/PeopleSoft products can share knowledge and exchange ideas. This User Group includes customers from federal/state/local government, K-12 schools/districts, airports, port and housing authorities, non-profit organizations, and public utilities.

Our objectives are:
• To provide a mechanism for sharing information and experiences among Public Sector customers on selection, implementation and cost-effective use of Oracle application software.
• To provide a means by which the OPS can collaborate with Oracle on matters of common interests, thereby improving its members’ communication and influence regarding product expectations and recommendations for improvement in Oracle products used in the Public Sector.
• To provide opportunities for communication between Oracle management, developers and business partners and the OPS, in order to keep OPS members informed as to product plans, new developments and strategic planning.

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Register for the following monthly webinars:

HCM Monthly Discussion - First Tuesday Every Month at 3:00 pm ET (https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJYqd-qoqz4vG9fm3MePXImgHyPWhX3d2GsC)
Financials Monthly Discussion - Second Thursday Every Month at 4:00 pm ET (https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJIldOmvpzwsH9RxbZT4YZhh-OfAiWoJdHpJ)
Tools & Technology Monthly Discussion - Third Tuesday Every Other Month at 4:00 pm ET* (https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMrc-qopzMqGtU5hy76XmxaPvnESFbvgIDK)

OPS By-Laws Public Sector User Group By-Laws can be found here https://s3.amazonaws.com/questoracle-staging/wordpress/uploads/2022/01/31162152/OPS-Board-By-Laws_FINAL.pdf

Meet our board members:
• Corey Powell – President
• Rahul Nori - President – Elect/Meeting Minutes
• Sandy Strickland Blackwell - Vice President of FSCM
• Angie Bingemer - Assistant to VP of FSCM
• Brian Eberz - Vice President of Tools & Technology
• Paula Dawson - Vice President of HCM
• Nancy Ruoff - Assistant to VP of HCM
• Connie Guerrero - Nomination Board Chairperson/Communications

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