The Maximum Availability Architecture Special Interest Group (MAA SIG) is a squad of volunteers dedicated to providing ultimate support to Oracle MAA users. Interact, learn, & join the global network of Oracle MAA users to upscale your technical knowledge of Oracle MAA technologies. At MAASIG, we are focused on providing a great platform to educate and inform current Oracle MAASIG users through virtual events, e-resources, webinars, visual presentations, conferences, and more. If you are using any of the Oracle MAA features, then this group is for you!

Maximum Availability Architecture includes but is not limited to:
• Real Application Clusters (RAC)
• Data Guard
• Active Data Guard
• GoldenGate
• Sharding
• Recovery Manager (RMAN)
• Flashback

MAA SIG Board Members:
• Alfredo Abate
• Sean Scott
• Ramesh Ganesan
• Farhan Ahmed
• Markus Flechtner
• Nassyam Basha
• Andy Klock
• Samir Pandya

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