Welcome to the Large Tape Users Group Website! The purpose of the Large Tape Users Group (LTUG) is to provide users of very large Oracle StorageTek robotic tape libraries and storage devices a forum to discuss common concerns and issues related to running very large data centers. A primary benefit of LTUG is the ability to directly influence the Oracle StorageTek products and direction. An additional benefit to the LTUG membeship is enhanced interaction with, and feedback to, the Oracle Customer Service organization. The group works to provide an environment where members feel comfortable in talking to one another, to Oracle management and to Oracle Engineers. Objectives and Goals: Bring people with similar tape storage challenges and problems together to share knowledge and experiences from the benefit of all. Gather and leverage member requirements and changing needs with Oracle's StorageTek management and engineering. Serve as a clearing house for product experiences and information about products based upon user experiences. Maintain and manage a reflector on the Internet for access by all members for the purpose of openly communicating with one another. Sponsor and encourage user participation to provide actual user experiences to augment the predominantly vendor provided presentations. Attend monthly conference calls for either mainframe or open systems topics to share and disseminate information Meet in person at least once per year, with the primary meeting each spring. Eligibility for Membership: Own or manage 10,000 slots in Oracle StorageTek tape libraries or Have a minimum of 1 PB of data resident in Oracle StorageTek tape libraries

Jason Anderson, LTUG Executive Board President

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