Welcome to the IOUG Cloud Computing Special Interest Group (SIG) IOUG Cloud Computing SIG Website: www.oraclecloudsig.com The IOUG Cloud Computing (and Virtualization) Special Interest Group (SIG) is dedicated to communication and information interchange around the subject matter of Cloud Computing and Virtualization centric to Oracle. The technologies around Cloud Computing (and Virtualization) is evolving and dynamically adjusting to the business needs. This Cloud Computing (and Virtualization) SIG provides a vendor neutral perspective to the private and public database cloud and delivery mechanisms for Database-As-A-Service (DBaaS).

The SIG will disseminate essentials to build your on-premise Oracle Database Cloud. The SIG will provide content from numerous vendors and technologies to inform members on: various deployment methods such as OEM12c, Openstack, Puppet and Chef. various deployment platforms including OVM, VMware, Engineered Systems, converged infrastructures, Compute Appliances and roll your own various deployment models (public, private, hybrid) This SIG will provide you insightful nuggets and in-depth knowledge to help you make the right decisions for DBaaS deployment. We will discuss how DBaaS fits into the Oracle database cloud, the components that is needed to deploy DBaaS, and why you should consider DBaaS in your organization. The SIG provides independent thought, challenges, options, and best practices on key areas of Cloud Computing and Virtualization infrastructures relative to Oracle databases. Information will be shared in an open forum and touch on prevalent Cloud Computing and Virtualization Paradigms/Technologies.

The IOUG Cloud Computing and Virtualization SIG is led by the following thought leaders in the Oracle Community:
President – Charles Kim, Viscosity NA, Oracle ACE Director, vExpert
Vice President, Vendor Liaison – Kai Yu, Dell – Oracle ACE Director
Vendor Liaison Chair – Mike Gangler, Oracle ACE, Sr. Database Specialist, Secure-24
Content and Resource Chair (Librarian) – Alfredo Krieg, The Sherwin-Williams Company, Oracle ACE Associate
Web Events Chair – Gustavo René Antunez, Pythian, Oracle ACE
Board Member – Tariq Farooq, BrainSurface, Oracle ACE Director
Board Member – Erik Benner, Mythics, Enterprise Architect
Oracle Liaison – Steve Lemme

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