Laura Beiting

Director of Operations

Alexa Bell

Customer Learning Coordinator

Alexis Brooks

Member Services Supervisor

Vanessa Daffron

Director of Marketing

Austin Davis

Manager, Marketing

Kyle Eberst

Marketing Analyst

Ashley Gates

Manager, Marketing

Luke Hodges

Executive Vice President

Michelle Hooks

Executive Assistant

Dayn Johnson

Manager, Marketing

Ken Johnson

Customer Engagement Specialist

Kerri Keefer

Manager, Customer Engagement

David Kent

Manager, Marketing Operations

Alyssa Lanter

Customer Learning Specialist

Julie Lewis

Account Executive and Tradeshow Specialist

Dana Maggard

Manager, Customer Programs and Networking

Michael Marks

Manager, Vendor Relations

Jared Mosqueda

Customer Programs & Networking Specialist

John Nisbet

Account Executive

Derek Schroeder

Senior Specialist, Digital Marketing

Jon Vaughn

Chief Executive Officer

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